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DIY Grooming Guides

Reasons To Buy Our Guides

Two happy Golden Doodles in the Flower Meadow

What you and your  Doodle will appreciate


Insulation from hot and cold, sunburn protection, and less skin allergies.

Quality Time

More time spent

bonding with your dog.


A natural, authentic doodle coat unique to your dog's DNA.


Reduced (or no) visits

to the groomer.

Our Guides



“The guides have been a lifesaver for me. I like the longer hair on a doodle and all the groomers I've contacted in my area don't do the long hair. They just shave them. And truthfully, I probably couldn't afford it even if they did. So I groom my guy myself and I believe I'm getting better every time. I'm so glad I found your guides.

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