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This Set includes the following videos and guides to do all grooming at home:

  • Coat Maintenance Between Groomer Visits (Video)
  • Bath (Video)
  • Prepare for Blow Dry 1 (Video)
  • Prepare for Blow Dry 2 (Video)
  • Blow Dry 1 (Video)
  • Head only Bath (Video)
  • Head Trim (Video)
  • Body Trim (Video)
  • Paws/Tail/Privates Trim (Video)
  • Ear Cleaning (Video)
  • Dental Clean & Tartar Removal (Video)
  • Nail Trim (Video)
  • Reference Guide to Using Products & Tools, Benefits, Dos and Dont's, Did you Knows, Key Steps


After buying, you will get a download link via email.


**Includes the Coat Maintenance Guide also sold separately**

Complete Grooming Set

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