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A Little About Us

We were bred from an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Red Miniature Poodle at Winding Creek Ranch
Pretty Dogs Doodles in Front of beautiful yellow Flowers

How We Got Here

As we grew older, our coats kept growing too... and pretty soon we turned into these fluff balls with coats many have never seen before! People approach us all the time with the same two questions:

  • What breed are you two?

  • How come our doodle doesn't look like that?

We realized there is a huge need to educate new doodle owners about how to achieve and care for the natural, long coat.


And it starts at day one!

  • Do not cut into coat before it has fully matured. With only mini trims thereafter

  • Keep the coat mat-free with frequent comb outs.​

From Our Breeder

“Helen owns two of our outstanding Goldendoodles, Mia & Milo, and has never cut any length off of their fur! This has gained them attention from social media, major news stations, and more! 


Helen created a series of grooming videos to show you what she does to keep up with her dogs' coats.  Even if you do not wish to keep your Doodle's fur that long and/or you are using a professional groomer most of the time, there will still be plenty of valuable information to help with your pups' grooming needs.”

Want to adopt a Doodle?

Two super cute Dogs Doodles

How Mia and Milo Became Influencers

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