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Hi There! We are Mia and Milo, F1 mini Golden Doodles. Our parents were an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Red Miniature Poodle bred at Winding Creek Ranch.

As we grew, our coats kept growing...and pretty soon we turned into these fluff balls with coats that no one has ever seen before! People to this day, approach us in awe with the same two questions:

- What breed are you two?
- How come our doodle doesn't look like that?

This made us realize there is a huge need to educate new doodle owners about proper coat care. And it starts at Day One! Repeated shaving or clipping to less than 2" will often result in a wiry, harder to manage coat. The challenge is getting the proper information to new puppy owners. We launched this website to help doodle owners who want long, free falling, plush coats like ours. 

If you are willing to put in the time, you will be rewarded with:
- A beautiful, authentic doodle coat, unique to your pets DNA
- Reduced or no grooming cost with less visits to the groomer
- Health benefits (insulation from heat and cold, avoid sunburns, less skin allergies)
- Quality time with your dog

Below you can purchase our affordable courses, which include our Complete Care guide with all the techniques, tools and products needed to fully home groom your doodle and our Maintenance Guide to learn what to do between groomer visits.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“The guides have been a lifesaver for me. I like the longer hair on a doodle and all of the groomers I've contacted in my area don't do the long hair. They just shave them. And truthfully, I probably couldn't afford it even if they did. So I groom my guy myself and I believe I'm getting better every time. I'm so glad I found your guides. I've attached two recent photos of our 10-month-old double doodle Sebastian” ― IG
“I so love the natural teddy bear look of the doodles. I was looking for a way to maintain my pups hair in between grooming appointments. Someone mentioned I go to goldendoodledoos. I am so thankful I did. Helens goldendoodle grooming videos and technics were very helpful and they gave me confidence. I just received my products that she recommended and have started my routine. It actually helps me not panic when she gets dirty or wants to play in the barn. Lol.” ― Traca
“I am finding all the information very helpful and totally worth the money spent. My breeder was Home Raised Labradoodles/Affordable Designer Dogs. Thank You,” ― Sam
“So far I feel the information is great and helpful. I raise goldendoodles so will start to share with my doodle families.” ― Julie
“would just like to say that I have watched all of Helen’s mini goldendoodle grooming videos over the last couple of weeks and I found them more than helpful. I was worried about matting, grooming etc and she has helped me tremendously. I asked many people in our area about a groomer ( specifically for Doodles) recommendation and sad to say that no one really loved their groomer. So that said a lot... they are difficult to maintain/groom and I am not wanting to shave my doodle at this time nor prior to them turning one. Their coats are a lot of work and I think many people don’t realize when they bring their puppy home what it takes to maintain. Thanks to Helen, I can comb through her hair with a butter comb and not one mat! She has been very helpful and in no way did I feel like she was promoting to make money. She is truly wanting to help those who want their doodles to keep the doodle/teddy bear look. That’s what I fell in love with along with their wonderful personality. We have an F1 BD. Thanks for having this group as it is always great to learn from others. 🐾” ― Erick K
“As a Doodle Breeder, I get a lot of questions about grooming their beautiful dogs. Many people want to learn how to groom their dogs at home but feel overwhelmed. Many Doodle owners love the long, flowing coats that are naturally attractive and healthy looking. Unfortunately, many groomers dislike Doodles and Doodle owners. While you can find great groomers, you can also fall victim to groomers who rush through Doodle grooming and end up with a Doodle that either looks like a Poodle, or one shaved so badly you want to cry! To those owners, here is your answer. Golden Doodle Doos gives you full and complete instruction on how to care for the appearance of your Doodle as well as keeping ears, nails, teeth healthy. You will learn how to avoid your puppy’s first hair cut, if you want to keep that beautiful, flowing coat that you admire. You will learn how to groom your dog and save money! As a caveat, not all Doodle owners want to keep their dogs coats long. That’s okay! This video series will help you learn how to keep your dog mat free, clean and comfortable between professional grooming appointments. You might learn techniques or ideas that can enhance your communication with your groomer. If you own a Doodle, no matter what length of coat you want, this program is well worth the price. The videos were created by a Doodle owner, who loves grooming her dogs. She has learned what works for her and wants to share her experiences and techniques with other Doodle families. I do recommend the Golden Doodle Doo program to all Doodle owners, whether you have a beautiful, long coated Teddy Bear Goldendoodle or similarly beautiful Labradoodle and the new a Poodle crosses coming up. Learn how to start your puppy experiences with grooming when they are young and you will teach your pup to trust and enjoy the grooming process.I love the videos! I am going to recommend my new puppy parents get them! At least the daily grooming one! I have been following your suggestion on brushing and it makes a huge difference! Thanks!” ― Judy Adams Magnolia Australian Labradoodles
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