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Golden Doodle Doos

We teach what no one else does but every doodle owner wants, the art of achieving and caring for the long free falling teddy bear coat

Puppy Golden Doodles

We are Mia & Milo, F1 mini golden doodles.

We created DIY Guides for long coat doodle grooming so you can learn how to have free falling, plush coats like ours.
(applies to all doodles and other long coat breeds)

Benefits for your Doodle

Your Doodle will appreciate spending time with you in DIY-grooming and will receive a unique long teddy bear coat.


Your Doodle will benefit from less skin allergies, gaining insulation from hot and cold and the long coat protects against sunburns.

This is why we do, what we do

Unfortunately most groomers encourage a puppy cut. Doodles mat easily and it’s easier for the groomer. 

These mixed coats change texture once cut, turning your doodle into a poodle.

If you maintain you doodle properly you are able to achieve coats similar to ours.

Our mission is to teach new Doodle owners how to maintain the coat by themselves.


Mia & Milo's personal Merch!


Take us home!
Digital prints are available now

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