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Prevent matting and damage to your Puppy's coat,
maintain it properly

Proper grooming is key
to a healthy coat.
In addition you get  the unique teddy bear look.

Learn with our Guides how to






maintain the coat properly

bath and blow dry your Doodle

clean the ears and dental

trim nails

and much more...

The Problem with most Groomers

It's standard for groomers to cut your puppies coat at first or second visit. This causes irreparable damage to the fur.

We know a lot of people who have done exactly that and now have a poodled doodle.

This made us realize there is a huge need to make people aware of the importance of proper coat care.

What your Dog will appreciate

Better Health

Your Doodle will benefit from less skin allergies, insulation from hot and cold and the long coat protects against sunburns.

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